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Frequently Asked Questions...
bulletWhat are your Terms of Service?
bulletDo you support Microsoft FrontPage 2002?
bulletDo you support Visual InterDev?
bulletDo you support Real Audio/Video and G2?
bulletWhat are the server specifications?
bulletHow are you connected to the Internet?
bulletDo you allow adult content?
bulletHow long have you been hosting Web sites?
bulletWhy would I need NT instead of Unix?
bulletDo you offer UNIX Web hosting?
bulletHow do I become a reseller?
bullet Can I order any plan to receive the 50% reseller discount?
bulletHow is CCI Web hosting account billed?

Account Setup Questions
bulletHow long will it take to setup my account?
bulletHow long will is be before my domain is accessible?
bulletWhat forms of payment are acceptable?
bulletHow do I cancel/suspend my account?

Common Technical Support Issues
bulletWhat type of support do you offer?
bullet Is CGI supported? If so, what type?
bulletHow do I setup Real Media (audio, video) files?
bulletHow do I setup/troubleshoot ASPMail?
bulletHow do I request Stats to be added?
bulletWhat is an Alias?
bulletWhat is ASP?
bulletWhat is Front Page 2000?
bullet How long can a domain name be & what can it consist of?
bulletHow do I setup my Catch-All email account?
bulletWhat is your DNS Name Server information?
bulletDo you allow sub-domains with my account?

Do you support Microsoft FrontPage?

Yes. We fully support the FrontPage extensions.

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Do you support Visual InterDev?

Yes. We support the design of your web site with Visual
InterDev. Specific design-time components such as custom .dll's are not supported.

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Do you support Real Audio/Video?

Yes, our account support HTTP playback.  However, we do not support the Real Audio G2 feature.

Note: We do not support Real Audio G2 SureStream.

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What are the server specifications?

Currently, we are running Windows 2003, Internet Information Server 6.0,  Active Server Pages, Microsoft
FrontPage (latest release),

Our hardware requirements, at a minimum, are: Pentium III 500MhZ (Dual), 256MB PC100 RAM, Dual 80 GB HD with RAID protection.

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How are you connected to the Internet?

Please view our Data Center specifications.

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Do you allow adult content?

No. We do not allow any adult content on our servers.

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How long have you been hosting web sites?

We have been in the web hosting industry since 1996.

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Why would I need Windows/NT instead of Unix?

We believe that if you are designing websites using a Microsoft product, you should have it hosted on an NT platform. Unix is an excellent platform. But, when it comes to Active Server Pages (ASP), Back Office, Windows 2000,  FrontPage 2002, Access and SQL Server - there is just no substitute for the power and stability of Windows 2003.

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Do you offer Unix Web Hosting?


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How can I become a reseller?

Simple. Just sign up for our Platinum Account at full price, and you'll instantly start receiving 50% off our current retail prices for any additional accounts you setup with CCI.

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How long will it take to setup my account?

All of our hosting accounts are setup immediately.

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How long before my domain name is accessible?

Your domain registration request is handled automatically by our signup system. Normally, requests submitted before 6pm are handled the same day. Other requests (modifications, etc) may take up to three (3) days for InterNIC to process. After InterNIC has approved the request, it will take about 24-48 hours for
every DNS server in the world to update so that your page can be seen by everyone.

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What forms of payment are acceptable?

Due to our automated system and low prices, we can only accept major credit cards for payment. Check payments may be made, but you'll need prior approval from our billing department.  Check payments are usually made on an annual basis.

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How do I cancel/suspend my account?

In order to protect your security and privacy, we can only accept account cancellations via efax (413) 714-8260, postal mail or email.  We do not except any cancellation requests via telephone. You can send cancellations to:

CyberTec Communications, Inc.
ATTN: Cancellation Division
822 SW 12th Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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Do you support CGI? If so , what type is supported?

Windows NT: We have installed and support full CGI-BIN access written in Perl 5. You do not need to know the path of the Perl compiler with Windows NT. Every file that has a .pl extension is automatically executed as a Perl script.

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What type of support do you offer?

You can reach our technical support staff Monday - Saturday from 9am until 6pm Eastern Standard/Daylight Time. Our web based Help Center is available 24 hours a day.

You can reach our technical support department via email (support@cybertec.net), or by phone at (954) 764-4359.

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How do I setup Real Audio for my site?

Create a directory under the /html directory called 'realcontent'. Upload your .ra, .rm files into that directory. Then create a file using notepad with the following text...
'http://www.(yourdomain).com/realcontent/(filename).ra'. Save is as (filename).ram and upload it anywhere in your site. Now make a http:// link to the .ram file and it will automatically stream your new RealAudio file when you click on it.

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How do I setup/troubleshoot ASPMail?

Due to the detailed nature of this response, we have dedicated an entire page to this topic.  Although we do not support the actual use of ASPMail, since we have the environment, we have gathered as much information as we could find.

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How do I request Stats to be added?

If your package type supports a statistical server feature you can install the feature using your Helm control panel feature.

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What is a mail Alias?

An alias is like a nickname for a real email account. An alias cannot receive email, only forward it to a real email account, on or off of our server. Examples:

sales@yourdomain = joe@yourdomain

info@yourdomain =jim@yourdomain

domain@yourdomain = jeff@yourdomain

As you can see above, aliases are quite useful in directing email
to the appropriate mail box.

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What is ASP?

ASP is a feature of the Microsoft Internet Information Server.  Because the server-side script is simply building a regular HTML page, however, ASP can be delivered to any browser.  The parts of the code that are to be executed on the server are enclosed within <% and %> tags.  These symbols are referred to as the delimiters for ASP.

TIP: When a delimiter tag is left off, you will get the following error:

Active Server Pages error `ASP 0116` Missing close of script delimiter/bad_script_tags.asp, line 8
The Script block lacks the close of script tag (%>).

The above error is usually caused by not closing your scripting tag.  Many editors now color-code your blocks of code and let you know if you forgot to close a tag.

Some recommended HTML editors are Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, and Adobe Go Live, to name a few. However, the best development studio for ASP is Microsoft’s Visual Interdev. Visual Interdev will also let you manage your SQL
Server database (VServer NT Pro and above).

ASP files must end with a .asp extension in order to be processed by the server. Because ASP files were meant to deliver HTML files, you can include normal HTML tags inside of your ASP files.
HTML tags are just sent along to the client’s browser.

Note: We Do Not support Custom 3rd Party DLLs.

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How do I set up Netscape to receive my email?

Incoming and outgoing SMTP servers are mail.yourdomain

User or account name is user%yourdomain

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How long can a domain name be & what can it consist of?

Your domain name can be as long as 22 characters, not including the .com (or .edu, .net, etc.). The domain must consist only of letters, numbers and dashes.

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Do you allow sub-domains with my account?

Yes. A sub-domain can be added to any CCI hosting account account. Example: sample.yourdomain.com.

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Can I order any plan and receive the 50% reseller discount?

No. You must order our Platinum plan as your primary plan. You will then receive a 50% discount off our current retail prices for any additional plans.

Note: This does include our CyberTec Bronze Plan.

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I already have my own domain currently hosted on another service. Is there any problem with transferring the domain from them to you? How does that work? Will I have time to set up my web site before the transfer takes effect to make
it as smooth as possible?

There is no problem. We handle all aspects of the domain name transfer. We contact InterNIC and request that your domain be modified to point to our DNS servers. Once they receive the request, InterNIC sends out two (2) email messages to the Administrative and Technical contacts listed in the domain name WHOIS record. Once these are received, one (1) of these
individuals must respond to this message with a Yes response.

Once InterNIC receives the Yes response, they process the request. This can take up to 48 hours. Once the InterNIC database is updated, it will take another 24-48 hours for everybody else (ISP's) to update their DNS servers with the new location.

During this time, you will have access to begin uploading and publishing your website.  This ensures that you will not experience downtime as a result of your move.  Follow the steps below to move or transfer a domain name to CyberTec Communications.

Fill out our online form. Select the 2nd Registration Type

Wait for the email from InterNIC. You can publish and
upload your site during this time.

Respond with a Yes to the InterNIC message.

That's it!

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What is Front Page?

Easily create great-looking Web sites

Intuitive, leading-edge features help users create professional web sites without programming.

Intelligent design assistance and innovative imaging tools make it easier than ever to build great looking web sites.

Flexible, open support for the latest web technologies gives users the power to create the most compelling, original sites on the world wide web.

Effectively manage Web content and site structure

Comprehensive management tools let users quickly plan and organize their site.

Automatic hyperlink maintenance gives users the freedom to manage their site without worrying about broken hyperlinks.

Frontpage2000 helps users quickly and easily update the content and look of their entire web site.

Flexible collaboration features lets users work with others to create and manage their site.

How do I setup my catch-all email account?

To set up your Catch-All email account, simply use the Helm control panel feature to select the email account for the catch-all.  Use the checkbox to make that account your catch-all email account.  We recommend that you monitor this account closely because using a catch-all will allow Spammers to send mail to any address at your domain and it will be delivered.  We recommend that you do not use a catch-all account because of this.

How is my CCI hosting account billed?

All CCI Web hosting accounts are billed on a yearly or monthly basis depending on the payment option you select at the time of account activation.  You can pay for your CCI hosting account using Master Card, VISA, Discover Card or American Express.

What is your DNS Name Server information?

Primary Name Server

Secondary Name Server
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