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Helm Screen Shots
Click on one of the screen shots below to expand it.


Helm Login Page

Every single administrator, reseller and customer all share a single login page into Helm. Even when you have more than one server, there is still only one single location that you and all your clients will need to login.


Main Menus

This screen shot demonstrates the simplicity of the Helm interface.


Multiple Customizable Skins

Helm has 4 built in 'standard' skins. This can be edited at the administrator and reseller level to add your own complete customized headers and footers and quick links on the side navigation bar to fit the feel of their company websites more, or simply to include banners or special deals for all of your customers.

Login Once, Manage Everything

The entire interface for Helm has been designed so that you will only ever have to login once to manage every aspect of your, and all of your customers' accounts. This screen shot demonstrates an administrator looking over the reseller's account without the need to log out and log back in as the reseller themselves. This is the same for the entire account of their customers including plan, package and domain management as well as all other aspects of Helm including billing.

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