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MailEnable Professional is designed to provide you with a complete solution to all your mail server requirements. This email option is integrated with our Helm control panel to provide you an easy to use email solution!

Web Mail
Powerful web mail application, allows you to send and receive email via the Internet.
Some of the many features are:
bulletWorks with IIS4.0 and greater, allowing easy integration
bulletSupports viewing of HTML mail
bulletAdd attachments to email
bulletSupport for various charactersets (Big5, etc.)
bulletTimezone selection
bulletManage folders
bulletContact list
bulletConfigure redirection
bulletConfigure POP Retrieval
bulletCustom skins, and easy development of a custom interface
bulletRead receipts, message priority
bulletChange passwords

Demonstration: A demonstration of MailEnable's Web Mail is available at http://www.mailenablecorp.com/mewebmail. Use the username MEDEMO@Demonstration with the password DEMO or click here to automatically log in.

Web Administration
MailEnable Professional includes Web Administration. If you have authenticated as an Admin user, you will be able to manage users/mailboxes, lists, groups, and domains. If you are hosting multiple postoffices (lets say one per customer or company), each company can manage their own configuration.

Some of the many features are:
bulletWorks with IIS4.0 and greater, allowing easy integration
bulletManage domain related information
bulletManage the creation of email addresses
bulletManage email lists and groups
bulletCustom skins, leveraging skins from webmail

HTTPMail Service
MailEnable Professional is one of the first mail servers to supply a HTTPMail server component. HTTPMail is a relatively new protocol for the server hosted messaging services. Fundamentally, HTTPMail provides an alternative to using POP and SMTP, with the added benefit of allowing messages to be hosted on the server (rather than downloaded onto the client). Further to this, using HTTPMail, you can move messages between your server and local stores as you desire.

HTTPMail utilises WebDAV HTTP Extensions to provide remote access to server hosted mail folders using standard HTTP communication. This service is a major value add to MailEnable because it allows mail messages to be hosted on the server and provides tight integration with Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express.

MailEnable POP Retrieval
The MailEnable POP Retrieval Connector allows you to retrieve email from remote mail servers via POP3 and deliver locally. Users are able to configure their own settings from webmail.

MailEnable COM Component
This easy-to-use component can be used in any application that supports COM. For example, you can use this component in an ASP page to send email from a web application. Works against any SMTP mail server, not just MailEnable.

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