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The CNET Internet Services Certification Program is based on three sets of criteria, each worth one star.  Providers must meet all criteria in a set to receive a star for that category.  The current CNET Certified Service Provider program will be replaced by our three-tiered program based on site functionality, provider standards, and order fulfillment.

Site functionality

bulletUses secure server for transactions.
bulletAccepts multiple credit cards.
bulletOffers a published FAQ/help policy.
bulletClearly states how to contact provider.

Provider standards

bulletOffers minimum of 30-day guarantee for basic plans.
bulletHas clearly published privacy policy.
bulletSite performance exceeds industry standard.
bulletProvider supplies CNET with comprehensive, up-to-date package/plan information, including pricing, features, special offers, and URLs.
bulletIncludes complete customer service policy on the provider's Web site.

Order fulfillment

bulletResolves order problems swiftly and efficiently.
bulletHonors prices displayed on CNET Web site* without any hassle or excuses.
bulletProvides a fully e-commerce-enabled site. Resellers must be able to accept, process, and complete orders entirely online.
bulletProcesses orders promptly and sends e-mail confirmation and order summary within one business day of the initial order.
bulletResponds to all customer service e-mail and phone calls within two business days.
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