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When you use CCI's Account Setup Form all registration information will be forwarded to Domain People, Inc. for registration and insertion into the global WHOIS database. 

Note: The the following domain registration process does not include foreign domain registrations.  All foreign domain extensions must be registered with the appropriate registrar.  All new domain registration fees are non-refundable.  Please be advised that CyberTec Communications will be listed as the Registrant and Administrative Contact for any new domain registrations that are included free with a Website hosting or design package. Please be advised that an additional fee of $125.00 will be required for any administrative services associated with the transfer of a domain to another registrar service or the changing of ownership of the domain to another party.  This fee can be waived if the requester of the service is an active CCI customer.  Any additional fees that may apply can only be paid for via a check or money order. Credit card payments are not excepted for these type of fees.

These payments should be sent to the following address:

CyberTec Communications Group, Inc.
Attn: Domain Registration Department
820 SW 12th Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33315

The customer will not need to contact DPI directly for any reason regarding your domain name.  All questions regarding the domain registration process should be sent to info@cybertec.net.  

How do I pay for my domain name?

New domain customers will charged an additional $15.00 when there account is activated.  There will be a separate charge on your credit card for any new domain names that are registered on your behalf.  Please note that failure to pay for the domain registration fees will result in the deletion of the domain name from the global WHOIS database, thus making the domain available for registration to the general public.

Why is CCI using Domain People Inc.?

The selection of DPI for domain registration services was made due to the experience, expertise, and professionalism displayed by DPI in all facets of the domain registration and maintenance process.  

In addition to reliable and efficient domain registrations, DPI is dedicated to providing value-added services that have been developed to assist web developers in the increasing both the efficiency and functionality of their sites.

What benefit is there to me?

Using DPI allows our domain registrations specialists to have a dedicated line of communication with DPI. This relationship also enables DPI to develop strategic partnerships that will bring additional services and features to the CCI product line.  The combination of these two services, along with the solid reliability ensure that your domain name will be registered quickly, correctly, and without headache the first time.

The overall speed, reliability, and performance of the domain registration process will greatly improve as a result of the new relationship with DPI. We welcome your comments and feedback via email.

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