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Netscape Messenger
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Configuring Netscape Messenger

The following instructions cover typical usage of Netscape Messenger and assume the software has been installed correctly on your system.

The instructions are only for individuals with a direct Internet connection, by modem or network.

If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, the information below may not work. Consult your network administrator for more information.

REMEMBER, if you are already using Netscape to open your email, you do not need to change anything to use SMTP Authentication.

Setting Up Netscape Messenger - First Time Use.

Open Netscape Messenger. If this is the first time opening Netscape there will be a Profile wizard. You may also activate it by selecting "user profile manager" in the start menu under Netscape communicator utilities. Once the wizard starts, you'll see this screen. Choose "Next".

Setting Up Netscape Messenger

This screen will appear.

Setting Up Netscape Messenger

Put your name and email address in the boxes, and click "Next".


 Setting Up Netscape Messenger

Put your domain name in the box. Make sure you put it in this format: mail.yourdomain.com or mail.yourdomain.net, etc.

Remember, customers that are using internet providers such as Mindspring, UUnet and Prodigy must use their provider's outgoing mail server. There may be other ISP's that require users to use their local SMTP servers as well. Please contact them for more information.

Choose "Next"

Setting Up Netscape Messenger

Put in your username. Be sure to use the % sign, not the @ sign! Then enter your incoming mail server, in the format mail.yourdomain.com or mail.yourdomain.net, etc. Make sure you check the "POP3" box.

Choose "Next"

Setting Up Netscape Messenger

This screen is for setting up your Newsgroup Server. CyberTec Hosting does not offer Newsgroups, so you'll have to use your ISP's information here.

Click "FINISH".

You have now set up Netscape Communicator to open your email. Netscape does not need to have the SMTP authentication setup separately.


Setting Up Netscape Messenger - Reconfiguring for CyberTec Hosting:

Open Messenger.

Click Edit on the menu bar.

Click Preferences in the Edit menu.

Click Identity under the Mail & Newsgroups section of the Preferences window.

Complete the following fields in the Preferences window

Your Name - The name from which any e-mail sent using this profile will display.

E-mail Address - The e-mail address from which any e-mail sent using this profile will display. This has to be an email address on CyberTec servers.

  1. Click Mail Servers under the Mail & Newsgroups section of the Preferences box.
  2. Click Edit under Incoming Mail Servers.
  3. Complete the following fields in the Mail Server Properties Box:

    Server Name - The mail server from which e-mail is to be retrieved. . For example: mail.yourdomainname.com. Be sure to put mail.yourdomainname.net, etc., as applicable.

    Server Type - We use the POP3 protocol. Do not change the server type to anything besides POP3.

    User Name - The user on your server from which you wish to retrieve mail. in this format user%yourdomain.com

  4. Click OK to return to the Preferences window.
  5. Complete the following fields under Outgoing Mail Server.

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - The mail server through which e-mail will be sent.

    You may use your ISP's outgoing mail server.

  6. Outgoing Mail Server User Name - Check with your ISP to determine your username. 
  7. Click OK to close the Preferences window.

Unfortunately, Netscape Messenger does not natively support retrieval of multiple e-mail accounts for POP3 mail servers.

To retrieve mail from multiple accounts, you will need to setup additional user profiles using the User Profile Manager supplied with Netscape. See your Netscape documentation for more information.

There are many more options available in Netscape Messenger. See the software's documentation for more information about advanced options.

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