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Microsoft Expression Web Hosting is here!

FrontPage Deprecated
After nine years, Microsoft FrontPage will be discontinued.

Replacing FrontPage is Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft's next generation professional web authoring tool, an integral part of Microsoft's new Expression Studio.
microsoft expression web hosting

Standards-based Web Sites

With Expression Web you can create CSS-based, standards-based web sites easily that work better across different browsers, simplifying deployment and maintenance. The tool also can validate your site with compatibility and accessibility reports.

CSS-based Layout and Formatting
With Expression Web you can generate modern CSS layouts with state-of-the-art surface design tools that allow you to directly manipulate positioning, sizing, margins and padding. A CSS rendering engine gives you control over design decisions on the fly. You can test CSS styles on the page with drag-and-drop style management, and migrate them to a central repository for increased ease of maintenance and control.

Rich Data Presentation
Expression Web allows you to build and format views of standard XML data using drag-and-drop tools for quick visualization and XML data can be retrieved and presented via live RSS feeds.

Take Advantage of Powerful Server Technology
Expression Web allows you to take advantage of the power of ASP.NET to transform your web sites into dynamic, interactive Web applications. Inserting and configuring ASP.NET controls is easy with the controls toolbox, properties grid, and on-control action menus. You can even use ASP.NET Master Pages to make web site-wide changes quickly.

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